Preschool Kalamazoo MI Offers the Best in Childcare

Welcome to Calico Corners! Whether you are looking for before and after-school care, infant and toddler programs or preschool Kalamazoo, MI, you’ve found the perfect place for your little tikes. We understand how difficult it is to leave your children each day, but parents can feel comfortable leaving their little ones at Calico Corners, since we focus on providing a fun, educational and safe environment for every child.

Our childcare center offers children the chance to play and learn through social and educational exploration. We ensure that children learn effectively, offering a structured environment that allows children to thrive. Fun, age appropriate activities are planned to help children develop motor skills and physical activities help ensure children develop their bodies, as well as their minds.

Even when your children are young, building a solid educational foundation is essential. Even toddlers benefit from educational play and activities. Our focus is to give children a foundation that gives them a head start in life, helping them achieve success as a child, a young adult and as an adult. As a preschool Kalamazoo, MI we focus on more than just ensuring your child has fun, but we make it our goal to ensure children are placed on the road to a successful, bright future.


When you bring your child to Calico Corners, you can rest assured that your child is in patient, safe hands, giving you peace of mind. Our staff members are well-trained and fully committed to ensuring that every child that attends is well-cared for, kept safe and loved. We are happy to have you and your child visit and tour our facility, and we look forward to adding your little tike to the Calico Corners family.

Our Programs

Infant & Toddler Programs

Infants are learning at such a rapid rate while they are young, so it is important that your infant is in a secure, stimulating environment during those formative months. Our infant program focuses on ensuring that each infant is provided with plenty of individualized care and attention and we offer activities for infants that allow them to interact with the environment around them, nurturing creativity, curiosity and problem solving skills. Toddlers are at such an exciting developmental stage and at Calico Corners

Preschool Program

Our preschool Kalamazoo, MI program ensures that each child enjoys an educational program that offers an excellent foundation for elementary school. Preschool children need a safe, educational environment where they can grow and explore and we offer educational play opportunities that promote vocabulary, social skills, literacy skills and problem solving skills. With our preschool program, children get the preparation they require to move on to grade school, ensuring they enjoy future academic success.

Before & After-School Care

At Calico Corners, we also offer before- and after-school care that offers school age children a secure environment where they can learn, grow and explore. School age children have a chance to relax after school, but we also make sure they stay stimulated and busy, offering fun, educational activities that are age appropriate. Kids enjoy help with homework, physical activities and other opportunities for learning. Our goal is to ensure that children have the support they need to stay successful in school while still offering them a safe place