One of the best parts of being a daycare instructor is providing the joy of learning with each child. There are so many delightful books to read out loud to children, such as “Are You My Mother?” and “Goodnight Moon”. The smile and joy on each kid’s face when a favorite picture or part of the story is reached is a magical moment for the person reading the story.

Playtime incorporates learning activities like counting, sharing, and socializing with adults and other children. There’s also a certain time set aside to learn the alphabet and color. The skills will help each child do well when they enroll in kindergarten. A positive experience in school encourages good attendance and a can-do attitude that makes it easier to learn more.

Daycare programs benefit from local agencies and organizations coming to the school and sharing what they do with the children. An SPCA representative might explain how to take care of a puppy or kitten. The dentist can bring a large set of teeth to show the kids why their baby teeth fall out. The local sheriff and fire departments are always a hit with the kids when they bring the police cruiser or fire truck. It’s an opportunity for children to learn fire and personal safety in addition to public service.

Parents can find a happy, thriving environment like this for their children at Calico Corners in Kalamazoo. Concerned, friendly, happy staff and employees are involved in infant and toddler programs, before and after school care, and a preschool program. Older children will get help with their homework and participate in supervised recreation and play. Perhaps a child just wants some undivided attention while sharing something learned at school that day. Qualified responsible adults are ready to listen, help, and encourage your child towards further success in learning.