Finding The Right Daycare

Leaving the baby at daycare is a positive experience for your little one, although it is hard on the parents. The staff at Calico Corners infant program understands how difficult it is to concentrate on your own tasks while worrying about the newest member of the family. We provide a safe environment so moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas get peace of mind while trusting their child to our care.

Babies need more attention than toddlers because of their dependence on responsible care. How can parents best decide upon a care center for their infant? Visit the center and watch the interaction between staff members and with the babies. Areas should be comfortable and designed so the adults are able to observe the children at all times.

The play area gives babies room to scoot, roll, and stretch their arms and legs. Pictures on the wall invite your child to explore the world of colors, shapes, and animals. Toys such as blocks and fabric squares teach baby about different textures. Free play encourages growth in dexterity and activities. Calico Corners takes pride in offering a safe environment for its youngest members.

Talking to the baby and including plenty of hugs and lots of rocking chair time reinforces the infant’s feeling of security. Children of all ages enjoy hearing a story. Reading to the babies and showing them the pictures from the books helps the learning process. Kids grow so quickly and in no time at all, baby will start identifying words with objects. Positive verbal feedback increases the baby’s delight in socialization and participation.

Look for a program that respects the individuality of each child, even babies. Find out how nap time, feeding time, and changing time are handled. Verify the care center’s license and qualifications of the staff. Finally, be sure your infant is given the love, respect, and attention needed for healthy emotional development.