Calico Corners Preschool, Daycare and Infant Center LLC

Contract 2011-2012

Childs Name(s) ________________________   Date: ____________


PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY. This contract outlines the guidelines that we, the owners, teachers, assistant staff, and you, the parent, are expected to follow while your child is in care at Calico Corners. After you have read the contract, please discuss any questions or concerns that you may have with the business owners or program director. It is our goal to provide the best possible care for your child while maintaining open communication with you as the parent(s).

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday 7:00 am- 6:00 pm
  • Preschool Hours: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Extended Preschool 12:00 p.m.-1:35 p.m.
  • Daycare Only Hours: 12:00p.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • Summer Program: 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • Before and After School Program: 7:00-8:35 a.m. and 3:30-6:00 p.m.
  • Daycare Hours for Infants: 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.


* Hours of operation may vary according to contracted positions. A notice must be given for drop off care to assure appropriate staffing. To make arrangements for your child to attend on a non-scheduled day please contact the owner or program director.

Our Mission Statement

It is our hope to support and aid families in developing social skills in their children and to create learning experiences that challenge the child’s observation, questioning, listening and problem solving.

Our program is designed to:

  • Encourage independence and security in adult/child group interactions.
  • Develop a good self image and acceptance of others.
  • Encourage discovery and understanding of the world around us.
  • Develop the ability to be kind and loving to living and inanimate things around us.
  • Develop a repertoire of knowledge by engaging in as many experiences as possible.
  • Encourage development of natural talents.
  • Encourage habits of good health, nutrition, safety, and respect.
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills.
  • To familiarize children with the concepts, materials and other aspects of life that are expected in preparing for school.
  • To track and celebrate each students individual talents and progress through portfolio entries.

Criteria for Admission

  • Children must be between the ages of 6 weeks and 2.5 years to enroll in the Nursery Program.
  • Preschool children must be between the ages of 2.5 and 5.5 years for admission into the Preschool Program.
  • Children 5.5-12 will be eligible for before and after school care, as well as the Summer Program.
  • All Children must have the following forms in their files at start date:
  • Registration Form
  • Child Placement Contract
  • Emergency Information Card
  • Health Appraisal (Must be in files no more than 30 days after their start date
  • Record of Immunizations (One dose must be given before infants are admitted.).
  • A $50 non-refundable registration fee must be paid before the start date.

Standard Fees

There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee that must be paid on or before the date of enrollment. This money is used towards monthly supplies as well as various outdoor and indoor learning activities. This fee does not cover field trips taken throughout the year. Parents will be responsible for entry fees and other costs on all field trips. We will notify parents of any cost for field trips in advance.


Please refer to the tuition schedule for the cost of your child’s specific program. Preschool, Daycare and Summer Program Fees are due on Monday of the week of care. Any payments received after Friday, of each week, will be considered late and will incur a $5 late charge and an additional $20 a week after that. Daycare payments are due regardless of child’s attendance, holidays, or snow days. If paying by semester or quarter,Calico Corners reserves the right to retain 20% of the remaining paid balance when withdrawing from the program early.

Withdrawal Policy

Parents are responsible for giving a TWO WEEK notice with payment when withdrawing from our program. Calico Corners reserves the right to dismiss a child from the program at any time with a two weeks notice.

Vacation Days and School Closing Policy

Preschool will observe the Kalamazoo Public School schedule for vacation days and school closings. Parents will be notified of vacation times and dates. Daycare will be closed on the following paid days each year: LABOR DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, THANKSGIVING THURSDAYAND FRIDAY,CHRISTMAS DAYS 23-26, NEW YEARS EVE, NEW YEARS DAY, GOOD FRIDAY, MEMORIAL DAY, AND INDEPENDENCE DAYS 4-5. Parents who have children enrolled in the Daycare Program will be allowed to designate one week vacation (per school year) in which they are not responsible for payment, provided that at least a two weeks notice is given prior to the vacation time. (Limit two per week). Preschool will be closed if KPS schools are closed due to the weather. Daycare also reserves the right to close due to severe weather, however in most cases will only delay two or three hours. Please watch WWMT news channel 3 for preschool and daycare closings, or delays.

Needs from Home

Infant and Toddlers: Parents of children enrolled in the infant toddler program at Calico Corners are responsible for the following supplies.

  • Disposable Diapers
  • Change of clothes
  • Wipes (One refill pack per month)
  • Teething Toys (these will be provided or shared.)
  • Powder & Diaper Ointment will be provided by Calico Corners, however donations are always accepted.
  • Each child will be provided with a small storage container and a hook for coats and diaper bags.
  • Food items for infants and toddlers must be provided by the parent and brought in a condensed lunch box (no hard coolers). Calico Corners staff will not wash any Tupperware containers sent in lunches.
  • Separate bottles for each feeding are required. Calico Corners staff will not mix or pour bottles.
  • All bottles will be rinsed and sent home unwashed. Refrigeration is provided for in the Infant and Toddler Program.
  • All children are required to take a nap every day. Parents will need to bring bedding for their toddler, (Calico provides bedding for infants) such as: blankets, sheets, and pillows. (Bedding is sent home when soiled or weekly for washing).
  • Preschool and Daycare:
  • Parents of children enrolled in the Preschool or Daycare Program are responsible for the following:
    Change of clothing (including a sweatshirt) All Preschool and Daycare children 5 or younger will be provided with a “cubby box” for personal belongings in addition to hook in the hallway for coats and backpacks. * Before and after school children are provided with a hook in the downstairs hallway.
  • Bedding (blanket, sleeping bag & pillow). All children 5 and under will be taking nap in the afternoon unless otherwise specified by the parent. (Bedding is sent home when soiled or weekly for washing).
  • *Please Note: Children may bring cuddle toys or blankets from home to help them feel secure for nap time.
  • Lunch and an Afternoon snack must be brought daily. *Refrigeration is not provided for children in the preschool and daycare program. Parents are responsible for providing ice packs to cool lunches, or must pack lunches with non perishable food.
  • Preschool parents will be responsible for providing a snack for 30 children once a month. This is known as your child’s Shinning Star Day. Snack must consist of a healthy snack and 100% juice or milk. Children are allowed to bring a toy from home to share with the class.
  • * We ask that children do not bring toys from home for play throughout the day (except the Shining Star). Calico Corners is not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen toys brought from home.


Any child with a communicable illness including, but not limited to: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, pink eye, impetigo, strep throat, pertussis, meningitis, ring worm, or any illness that requires one on one attention, will be sent home and will not be able to return until well. A child who is running a fever of more than 100 degrees will be sent home. A CHILD MUST BE FREE OF ALL THE SYMPTOMS MENTIONED ABOVE FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RETURNING TO CALICO CORNERS. If a child becomes ill during the course of the day, his/her parents will be notified immediately and the child must be sent home from preschool or daycare. These policies were established to promote the good health and safety of all the children in our care. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated. ALL PAYMENT REMAINS THE SAME AND IS DUE REGARDLESS OF THE CHILDS ATTENDANCE IN THE PROGRAM. (Calico Corners has a “Health Care Plan” which includes procedures for child/adult handwashing, cleaning of bodily fluids, sanitizing, and controlling infections. A copy is available at the center).


We will dispense non-prescription drugs to your child provided that we have your signed, written permission, and instructions to do so. Any prescription drugs you wish to have administered to your child MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE WITH ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION LABEL. All parents will be asked to complete a medication slip before administering any medication to the child.
Discipline Policies and Procedures

“Discipline” means to teach. With this in mind, we advocate the need for a mutual respect between the adult and the child. To establish the feeling of self-esteem and security the children will be allowed to express their ideas and views. We will work through frustrations and inappropriate behavior that may arise. If the situation cannot be worked out with a positive form of discipline such as redirection, reminders of rules, negotiations or using words, children three and older may be removed from the situation in the form of a “time out” away from the problem at hand. In the case that a child may possibly harm other students, teachers, or Calico Corners property, you will be contacted, and the child will need to be removed from the center immediately. When a child continues to display inappropriate or disrespectful behavior (such as: hitting, biting, kicking ,threatening, throwing /damaging property or inappropriate language) towards others, Calico Corners reserves the right to dismiss them from the program using a 3 STEP PROCESS.


Step 1: (1st offense) Parent will be contacted and notified of inappropriate behavior

Step 2: (2nd offense) Parent will be contacted and child will need to be removed from the center immediately and may not return until the following day.

Step 3: (3rd offense) Parent will contacted, child must be removed from the center, and is put on a two week probation period with expectations which will be outlined by the owner.

Transportation in a Motor Vehicle

At this time, Calico Corners will NOT be taking field trips. If this were to change, you would be given at least a months notice prior to the field trip date. Older children will occasionally ride the city bus with the supervision of Calico Corners staff.

Assistant Child Care Providers

All employees of Calico Corners are well screened and fully trained in order to provide the quality child care all children need and deserve. It is our pledge and guarantee that we will provide highly qualified care-givers at all times at Calico Corners. Calico Corners has a Licensing Notebook which contains any and all documents pertaining to: licensing, inspections, or investigations and may be viewed by parents at any time.

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Weekly Tuition  $___________
  • Monthly Tuition $___________

* Calico Corners Preschool, Daycare and Infant Center LLC reserves the right to make changes and revise the contract at any time.

Please Read and check the following that apply:

I am aware that Calico Corners DOES NOT provide food or drinks for my child/children and I am solely responsible for providing these for my child/children while they are in Calico Corners care.


I am aware that Calico Corners has a licensing notebook on site which contains all documents related to licensing and may be reviewed at any time.


I am aware that my child may be photographed while in Calico Corners care and the photos may be used for advertising or yearbook purposes.


I am aware that the building in which Calico Corners is located was built prior to 1978. The areas in which Calico Corners is located have been tested for lead, and passed. Other areas in the building have not been tested, and may contain lead.


I, the parent/guardian of ______________________________ certify that I have read the aforementioned conditions, and agree to all the  points contained in this contract for child care at Calico Corners. I understand that by signing this contract I agree to provide Calico Corners with a two week advance notice to make any revisions in this contract.

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