Mission Statement

It is our hope to support and aid families in developing social skills in their children and to create learning experiences that challenge the child’s habits of observation, questioning, listening and problem solving skills.

  1. Encourage independence and security in adult and group interactions.
  2. Develop a good self-image and acceptance of others.
  3. Encourage discovery and understanding of the world around us.
  4. Develop the ability to be kind and loving for one another to living and inanimate things around us.
  5. Develop a repertoire of knowledge by engaging in as many experiences as possible.
  6. Encourage development of natural talents
  7. Encourage habits of good health, nutrition, safety, and respect.
  8. Develop gross and fine motor skills.
  9. To familiarize children with concepts, materials and other aspects of life that is expected in preparing for school.
  10. To track and celebrate each students individual talents and progress through portfolio entries.