Preschool Kalamazoo, MI Program Offers Preparation for Grade School


Preschool offers your child an excellent opportunity to begin preparing for grade school, and our preschool Kalamazoo, MI program focuses on building a solid educational foundation for preschoolers that will help them succeed in school. Our high quality learning program for preschoolers works on helping children progress from toddler activities on to preschool activities, helping them develop the natural curiosity, desire to learn and independence.


At Calico Corners, we offer a preschool child care program that provides a safe, stimulating environment designed for hands-on, active learning and exploration. Caregivers are well-educated and friendly, offering your child friendly faces they will see each day. Daily activities are planned for preschoolers promoting motor skills, language development and social skills while exposing kids to nature, music, literature, science and language arts.


Calico Corners preschool Kalamazoo, MI provides a safe, attractive physical environment for preschoolers as well. Children are well supervised, we have plenty of equipment for all of our preschoolers and indoor areas are designed to stimulate children. Along with an excellent physical environment, preschool teachers are warm, kind and respectful of each child.


We work to balance group and individual time and ensure that children have a good balance of teacher-guided activities and spontaneous playtime. While we understand that the preschool years have a big impact on a child’s academic success in the future, we also realize that your child needs time for play and creativity as well. Along with focusing on preparing your child for the next step educationally, we also focus on offering nutritious snacks and meals, ensuring kids get plenty of attention and offering an environment that stimulates the child while giving parents peace of mind.